Lunar Eclipse SiteMap

-News (Updates and Main Page)
~Main Page = News and Updates, pulled from a hidden forum on the BBS.

-Interact (Interact with Us!)
~Main Page = Message and explanation.
~Ghost of a Rose Oekaki. Draw a picture to share with everyone!
~Contact Forms. Yay for broken code and pixels strewn about the room!
~Lunar Eclipse Guestbook. Do I really need to explain this? XD

-Read (Libraries/Fictions)
~Main Page = Same as the Entrance Hall. The Library has been granted some nice descriptions because I was in a semi-creative mood. :P
~Lunar Wing (South Hall/Entrance Hall) = Main Sailor Moon Fictions. Our Originals!
~Star Wing (East Hall) = Crossover Fictions. There are many rooms in the Star Wing.
~Crystal Wing (West Hall) = Fan-Submitted Fictions. Anything sent to us to put up is put onto a shelf in the West Hall.
~Heart Wing (North Hall) = Character Galleries. Sketches and Full-Color Illustrations. Giving you an idea of what exactly everyone looks like!
~Soul Wing (Downstairs) = Character Bios. The soul of each fiction is the characters within them. Thus the bios are found below the library, spanning the basement.
~Dream Wing (Upstairs) = This Wing is currently empty, but there are ideas floating around for possible renovations of the upstairs wing...

-Browse (Site-Related Pages)
~Main Page = Short Message and explanation of what you will find.
~Link List, Links that leave LE.
~Link Banners and Buttons Page and Link Exchange.
~The page you're viewing now: A Site Map in List Form. :D
~Legal Information, Disclaimers, and Copyright Information for Lunar Eclipse.
~Frequently Asked Questions.... Answered!
~Things staff and fans have written telling you how to do something. Such as Robyn's tips on writing effective Fan Fictions.
~The Galleries have returned! Somewhat... Find artwork Robyn has chosen to share with you all here.

-Donate (Donation Information and Link)
~Main Page = Donation Link and Short Message.
~Snail Mail Donation Information Page.

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