Lunar Libraries
Lunar Wing, the Entrance Hall

In the Entrance Hall before you sit many tall, dark-stained, wooden bookshelves with worn tomes strewn about in a semi-organizational state. Judging by the well-used beanbag chairs strewn about randomly, rings on the low-set tables from drinks that sat too long in one spot, and a few books here and there still sitting on the tables and the floor... You can easily tell that this is the most-used area of the large library.

Around the room, on the walls sit different sized crescent moon decorations and ornaments... occasionally with a heart-shaped prism or bauble nearby or attached to it. Two of the randomly-colored beanbags also have a crescent moon design on them, and the shelves seem to have been stickered with reflective moons and hearts here and there.

Though the room seems somewhat disorganized overall, it still seems fairly clear where to go for what you're looking for in the carpeted Hall...

There are arched, open doorways to the North, East, and West... and a set of stairs that lead down to a well-lit basement. The fact that it's "well-lit" is revealed to you by a warm, amber-tinted light that seems to be glowing from the rectangular opening in the carpeted floor, over near the Eastern exit of this room.

However, for right now, please continue to use the old Library Design to access the fics themselves. Thank you. ^^; And yes, I had some fun typing the descriptions of these rooms. :3

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