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Wed, 09/30/15 @ 08:36 AM EDT
We're Not Dead
Promise! We are still aliiiiiiiiive.

Secondly, I finally repaired the crashed table for the Board, so... the issue I wasn't really aware of should be resolved for now. @_@

Thirdly, I got my hands on the Crystal OST. Such lovely and inspiring music. Also, the artwork. Check this beautifulness out!


Isn't it pretty? It's pretty.

Anyway, so. Erm, fourthly, you're all probably aware of my Twitter because it's linked from the News Page. You're also probably vaguely aware of the FB page. I did make a Tumblr, but hadn't figured out what to do with it. So for now I posted the OST's Cover Art. The Tumblr is no longer bare!

I also wanted to post this here so that it wasn't in the air whether or not that was really me. It is. I just haven't done anything else with it. x:

Fifth-ly, I sort of tweeted it earlier, but I'll repeat it here. I've been working on rebuilding the site, which involves a bunch of upgrading/rewriting/redesigning. I'm also working on making the site responsive since the current design is heavily based around tables, which is annoying as crap on a mobile device.

Finally, ('Sixthly,' > 3>; ) having seen all of Crystal (excited for Infinity Arc!) and now this prettyful music playing over and over, I want to note down here that the plan for the fics is to reboot. Just like Crystal. This means I don't have to try to figure out how to make anything work in the previous, fairly wonky and impossible-to-work-with timeline(s). The Knights will also be part of that from the get-go, and I've been enjoying building the SMK "Crystal" world.

I absolutely love Crystal and I'm so happy that it did what I was hoping it would do. I'm just currently frustrated with the actual site versus the fics. I might post a longer/more detailed announcement on the "Crystal" fics. Quotes are here because I don't know if that's what we're keeping or if my husband/Loki and I are going to be super-clever. lol

--Sailor Shadow

Fri, 04/19/13 @ 06:16 PM EDT
In Light of the Guestbook Issues...
In light of the fact it seems Guestbooks are all under spam attack (not just mine, so I feel better!) I have updated the old forums to phpbb3 and set them up as best I could figure out for organization. Should be set to sign up and go ahead and post. I apologize for the length of time that it has taken since the Guestbook was borked... I realize it's hard to let someone know how you feel or what you think when there's no way to post something somewhere and say it.


Guest Posting should be enabled and should be on Moderation Queue, so if you have any problems, you should still be able to post and ask Loki or myself to fix it.

Moving on!

Okay, so I've been having some computer issues lately. Some of them seem to have cleared up now that there's been a Software Update, but I have a feeling I'm going to have update my OS before it all clears up, so I'm working on saving up for a new external in order to backup my computer before I do that.


Anyway! That's partially why it's taking me so long to work on the new coding. Photoshop argues with me, Sublime Text 2 sometimes stops responding, and while I got a local server to work so I can work on php/MySQL coding without uploading to the host each time I change something, it's another thing running when my computer is starting to act stupid...

This is also why the really broken design of the forums. It's a Celestial Theme (works for Moon Kingdom/Crystal Tokyo woo!) but has the old logo banner (purple's nice...) which I tossed on there to make sure you could get back to the main site from the forums. I'm beating Photoshop with a brick and working on at least a new banner to fling up.

Bonus, though! This should let you toss comments and stuff at me about other things too! Enjoy. I'll be working on Archiving some things while trying to sleep-teach Loki how to Code Monkey. XD

Hope your April is going well!

--Sailor Shadow

Fri, 03/29/13 @ 02:31 AM EDT
I tried to bring the guestbook back, I really did.
Having some minor issues with the Mac, so, that's kind of delayed the renovation a bit. I have the design and some basic backend coding done, but I really wanna slim down the loading time I have right now.

So! I tried to put the guestbook back! Wouldn't you know, 5 minutes after I did, I ended up with the exact same problem as before? I'm going to work hard on the new design that I was supposed to have in January. There really isn't much excuse beyond my computer and some frustration because things aren't working correctly. I'm really excited if I can get it to work the way I want to make it work! And if it loads fast, then that's a bonus!

Also, oh hey, when I re-saved the Splash Page Navigation, the color is brighter and darker than it was. Super. I'm having a lovely week. >:

I have also added a page for those who have tagged me on StreetPass with their DS to go see more about me and to get my Friend Code. (You may have seen it on the Splash page.) It's been exciting to tag new people for puzzle pieces and to play Find Mii! But I realized that I should put a page up for you all, especially those I tag more than once!

So yes!

Enjoy and it was awesome meeting everyone when I met my friends! Yay, SakuraCon!

--Sailor Shadow

Sun, 02/03/13 @ 01:48 PM EST
What Is This, I Don't Even D8
I.....what? X_X;;;; Why do I even read the Guestbook when--

...Robyn doesn't have a forum because no one used i--

........"Trash litters" on the Facebook?!?!???

............Royal Member

.......................nope. Nope. I'm done here. X______X;

--Loki Abaddon

Tue, 09/04/12 @ 02:05 PM EDT
Can We Not Flame War, Please?
First, I would like to thank you for defending me in any form, as I feel flattered about it; really. But what it has degraded into is a namecalling session and overstepping bounds. Yes, this site is a place for the few of you who speak to come and read things you like and look at art... Yes, you can share your opinions and I value all your input. I will not delete comments just because I do or do not agree with them. I will only delete comments that are pure spam like Viagra Ads, Rolex Watches, and 'Free Money!' from people who faceroll the keyboard. I do not mind nor care if someone is a fan of Sailor Sun and posts here, or a fan of Sailor Shadow and posts there. What we both want, however, is for people to be civil. Posting on his Guestbook that he sucks and calling him all sorts of names under the banner of 'defending Shadow' doesn't make you look good and, in fact, makes me look bad. Because is that the only kind of person I can attract? Similarly, if the only people who ever posted here just called me names, and told me I was stupid or not as good because I didn't have this or that... or do this or that like he does... well what does that say about him?

Ignoring all of that, it's quite rude to tell people to go away from a site you claim to like so much. How does that benefit me as a webmistress to have someone shooing people away from the site? Similarly, how does it benefit you as a fan? Pushing everyone away from what you like so much just means you have no one else to talk to about it.

If I get to make one request, then it's please stop telling people to go away. Everyone has their opinion and I value them all. I will not play favorites and you are not an Administrator or Site Owner in any respect. You do not have the power to ban people from the site at all. Please stop.

Second, it's nice to know if and when appearances begin to increase as my opinion on Sun's comic thus far has been kept to myself. However, at a certain point, it becomes... well... I don't know. I get the explanation, but at the same time, it's hard to completely believe/understand it with having actually read the comics. More than just the ones involving 'Robyn'. Overall, it's just generally strange and if he can maintain a webcomic and the update schedule, then good for him. I have far too much of an Attention Span problem to ever really get too far with that. The random comics I do have around were posted sparsely and took so long in between. They were mostly commentary or jokes about current situations or a particular conversation. The Sprite Comic; Lunatics At Large; I tried to write a storyline and I tried to keep an update schedule. Yes, it was mostly computer issues, but I kinda lost the focus and a little of the idea... then most of the base files I was using for the Sprites.

Third, I really do appreciate your continued support and hanging around the site even if I haven't touched it in a while. I don't want to take it all down and I still add art from Digimon: Dial-Up's Robyn and Aphrodite. I'd love to write about the Knights, but I haven't really thought much about them lately beyond figuring out how things worked. It may be best to start over, somehow... the timeline left behind in the wake of the Sun/Shadow Storm that was "The Separation"... well it really isn't that easy to follow or pick up from. Even screwing with Time itself. That and Setsuna-san is whacking me over the head with the garnet rod for suggesting it.

So I'm really not sure what to do; if anything; about new content, but I won't be getting rid of what's here. People still enjoy reading over them and; after all; Characters exist, don't they? Whether on the internet in pixel form, on a paper with lead or ink... spoken word in stories told to others. These characters exist in our imaginations and if they mean even the slightest little thing to anyone else, then I am happy and satisfied that they will live on with all of you.

In the end, the only thing I don't want is someone else claiming that the character is theirs. I created Robyn and Aph. They are my children and my creations. I share them with all of you and you enjoy spending time with them.

Thank you for spending time with all of us, no matter how little or how much. <3

--Sailor Shadow

Tue, 01/17/12 @ 08:17 PM EST
Blacking Out to Join the SOPA Protest.
We will blackout on Wednesday to join the SOPA Strike on Wednesday Jan. 18th, 2012. Feel free to join us with your own site!

For further information on any questions you may have, here's a few sites you can wander to for such information before and after Wednesday's Blackout.

--Sailor Shadow

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