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DO NOT LINK TO THESE IMAGES! >_<; Please save the one you want to your HD and upload to your own server. If you have a webpage, you oughta know how to do that, so I won't bother explaining that. However, I do know that some people might not have the right coding when they put it up and that results in broken images.

Since I find that highly annoying, here you are:
<img src="images/BUTTON_NAME.GIF" width="88" height="31" border="0" />

-- Buttons

<img src="images/BANNER_NAME.JPG" width="400" height="60" border="0" />
-- Banner

Insert this code, replacing the blue with the name of the banner or button you have. (marked in Blue below) Replace the green with the folder you keep the image in. If it's the same folder as the page it's on. Keep the green off totally.

The only button that's general for the whole site. The rest are Lunar Eclipse only. ^_^

Small buttons:
Generic, Shadow/Robyn, Aph & Rob, Chibi-Shadow/Kage

I'll make more later...

|| LEbutton 01 || LEbutton 02 || LEbutton 03 || LEbutton 04 ||

Now, 400x60 sized banners:

LEbanner01.jpg - Robyn/Shadow

LEbanner02.jpg - Robyn & Aph

LEbanner03.jpg - Kage/Chibi-Shadow

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