Lunar Libraries
Star Wing, the East Hall

Entering the East Hall, there is only a small circular room with wallpaper that made it seem as if you just stepped into the night sky itself. You could swear the wall stars were flickering as you manage to find a few familiar constellations. Before you hovers a dark, sparkly swirl... and you get the overwhelming feeling that the only thing you can do in this room is step through the swirled vortex.

Slipping through the swirl, you feel no different than before and decide to look around to find a huge circular room open before you. Notches in the wall that reflect the shape of the doorways from the Entrance Hall each have white, sparkly swirls that look like the one you stepped through to find this place. You find that it's hard to tell where the first swirl started and the last one is before the circle starts over again... as it seems each white sparkly swirl has a faint image showing in the center as if looking at a moving picture through a glass pan of water.

You can tell, if you watch the images carefully, what kind of place may lay beyond the vortex... Each one seems to draw your hand toward it as if wishing you to touch another world...

The dark, sparkly, swirling vortex that brought you here seems to be a constant in the center of the room, which you somehow know will safely transport you back to the South Entrance Hall.

(This wing will house our Crossover Fictions...
...but for right now, the old Library Design will have to do...)

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