Lunar Libraries
Heart Wing, the Northern Hall

To the North sits a dim room, lit by small spotlights on portraits of characters you may have seen around the libraries. Some are large, some are small, some are heavily detailed, still others are but sketched pictures in a simple frame... but all of them are clearly visible with the lights set up to showcase each one.

As you walk quietly around the room, you realize that the reason is so quiet is because your steps are muffled by a soft, velvety carpet... But you also realize that the shape of the Hall is a large heart rather than a circle as you first thought upon glancing at the far wall's lights...

You can go back to the South from here.

(This wing will be more specific to Character Galleries. From sketches and full-color illustrations, meant to give you an idea of what exactly everyone looks like. But for now, you can at least look in the Galleries I put up for now. :3 )

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