Lunar Libraries
Dream Wing, the Undeveloped Hall

Just inside the West entrance and up a silver, spiral staircase sits a door marked "Dream Wing". An old, thick, wooden door sits blocking your path beyond the stairs... A rounded, prismatic doorknob sits in the center of the door, just underneath a small, angelic-styled, wing-shaped window. Turning the knob just a bit, you find the door to be locked... so you try to see as much as you can through the dust-covered window.

There's little light coming from within the room, but boarded over windows are revealed by small, dim slivers of light showing a dusty floor behind the locked door.
The faintest hint of shelving and tables are able to be made out, but it's hard to see inside the large hall. Near the door's window, an old paper seemed to be moving due to a mild, untouchable breeze.

This wing is still undeveloped. Ideas are flying about within the space behind that door... but nothing has formed on its own as of yet...

Your only exit from this particular point is back down the stairs you previously ascended.

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