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If you would like to have your site listed within our Links section, then this is the only way to go. Thanks to Bravenet being overrun with Casinobots, Spam, and Pr0nbots, I left there. I will also not have an auto-add Link List again due to that experience. Now, to keep everyone and their brother from trying to submit their site or a cool link to this section... There are a few guidelines that your site must follow in order to be added to the list.

1.) Your site should be Sailor Moon-Related. It's alright if it isn't, but make sure it shows some effort and time put into it. I will also not link a billion link pages. The Sailor Moon Gateway is linked from the front page because I'm listed there, but I do not have it here as it is a giant link list. That's just redundant and I hate following a link and finding 60 more links that take me to pages with 30 more links each. I will only list your page here if it is an actual site.

2.) I know this should be obvious, but the link you submit should be to your own page! Do NOT submit something because you think it's a cool site. You don't have permission to allow me to use artwork from their site in order to make a banner if one doesn't exist, thus I cannot link the site. Make sense? Sure it does.

3.) Any works containing offensive contents must have some sort of warning to it. Also, I will not link to your site if this sort of work is all you have. While I am not responsible for content found on your site, be reasonable with the 'mature' content. I like a good read or a nicely done image and I don't often care if it's Mature... I just want you to understand that kids come to my site as well. Just so you know, I try to keep myself around Web 14 in content rating for this site.

4.) Theft of any kind is not taken lightly. It is not hard to tell who the true owner of a work is. If you are found not to be such, you will be reported. If you post other people's stories, you must have permission, give credit, and have some way to contact the author/artist WITH THEIR WORK. If this is not so, you will not be linked.

5.) You must have a non-animated 200x40 banner to be used to link to your site. You may submit one from your site of your choice for us to use. If not, a random one from what you provide will be selected. The only exception for animation is Affiliates. Animated banners or buttons are allowed for Affiliates/Sibling Sites. Those, however, are harder to become. I have stricter rules on Affiliations.

Note: If you do NOT have a 200x40 banner, I am more then willing to make one for you using an existing image off your site. Just put in, under banner, "Permission to Make" and I will go through your site and pick something to use. OR after you put the Permission in, follow it with a link to an image you would allow me to use.

I will review each link that is submitted to me. If it follows these guidelines and is approved, it'll be added as soon as I can. But, please note, it may be a while before your site does get added. Updating Links isn't as high a priority as the rest of the site ^^; Also a Link back would be appreciated!

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