Lunar Eclipse FAQ

1.) "How Can I Join?"

This has got to be the ultimately TOP ASKED question... First off... there's nothing to "join"! o_O Well... so to speak... See, this is what confounds me the most out of all my Guestbook entries, E-Mails, and IMs. Utterly confuses my brain... And part of why I changed my settings on AIM for a little while.

Second, if you're asking to join the WebRing... well you'll just have to wait until I get that recoded if I decide that it's worth it...

Third... If you're asking to join... and mean you want to make a Senshi... I haven't any control over that permission. It's perfectly free to make up your own Senshi. There's a perfect Site out there... to help you create a Senshi. I admit I used some of the info two years ago when I wanted to complete Shadow for the Fictions. I had basics but not a lot of what I should have to have a complete Senshi. Even though it's listed in the Links, I'll put it here with a banner...
-=Sailor Senshi Star Seed Supply Shoppe=-

Finally... if "How Can I Join Your Site" means "I want my Fiction on your site!" or "I want to submit FanArt of my Senshi/Your Senshi" E-Mail me a link to said fiction or art... if you don't have a site and that's why you wanted it on here... or if the art is a gift, just send it in the e-mail... so long as it's not horrendously large... my mail server will not allow huge attachments past incoming on the server. Therefore, I won't get it...

I am, however, trying to work on a "Submission" section. We'll see if I can get something like that up. %gt;_<;

2.) Are you really *insert my age here*!?

Yes... o_O and for those that continued with "But you act younger..." Well, thanks... but seriously... "Acting young keeps people from thinking you're an old fuddy duddy." ~_^

3.) Will you make me a site? ;_;

-_- No. I have enough trouble with my own. I MIGHT help, but I get distracted very easily... as you may have notic-- Oh look, a new Zelda Game to play! *wanders off*

4.) Why doesn't your site have Banners/Pop ups?
I pay $10 a month to have this little thing called a "Web Host"... There are quite a lot of them out there for affordable prices. :3
5.) Can I get space on your server? I'll pay you!

As much as I'd love the Money, no. If you want to give me money, please just Donate to the site. If you want your own host, just find your own place, make the purchase, upload your stuff... I've even been asked if I'll host people for free... o_O? I'm a good person and can be generous but I'm not stupid, you know...
I've been with my current host for many years and I have my Professional Site with them as well as DDT's site. PHP Webhosting.Com.

Also, since I lost my host on Penguin, I'd like to warn you that you can still try that host if you want to. They were semi-reliable. But if your site ever just vanishes and you lose access to your account? Don't be too surprised if you never hear from them as to why.

6.) How come Sun's Site sucks and yours is so cool? (Believe it or not I've been asked this. o_O)

Because Sun "has a life". I don't, apparently. Even with school, I take my time and use the design principles that I've learned so far to create my web site designs. I tend to get bored with things rather easily, so redesigning my layout a lot is something I find myself doing often. ^_^;

7.) How do you get the graphics on your site?

I make them.

8.) How do you get them to look like actual anime images?

I used to edit Anime images... but after years of drawing and practicing as well as a year and a half of art college, I have developed an Anime Style of artwork. :P Remember kids, it may take a while and I didn't believe it for a while either, but you really can draw well if you keep trying. The key is to actually keep practicing new things to get better and never settle for, "Eh.... that looks good enough." Just be careful of going too far either way. You won't get better if you think that everything you do is perfect ad the best in the world, but you also won't get much better if you have thoroughly convinced yourself that everything you doodle is a piece of crap and worthless. Every piece of art has value, even if it's just to look back at it a year from now and go, "Wow I sucked back then O_o; ".

9.) What programs do you use to make your site?
PC: Jasc Paint Shop Pro Version 6.02 and Adobe Illustrator; Adobe Flash Professional 8; WS_FTP95 LE; FlexED and Notepad; Internet Explorer 7.0 and Firefox 3; Windows XP.
Mac: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop; Adobe Flash Professional 8; Fetch, CreaText, TextEdit and Dreamweaver 8; Firefox 3 (....and Safari); Mac OSX Tiger.
10.) Anything else you use or have to make a site?

My Desktop PC which was built and is maintained by my stepdad, , which is named Viktoriya (Newly built to replace the dead Suki)... my laptop Macintosh I had to get for school, named Saito. :P Also, I listen to lots of Japanese Anime Music, JPop, JRock, Alternative, some Country... and other miscellaneous songs I can find, I have on CD, make in GarageBand on Saito, or am given by friends... and lots of coffee!!! ^_^! Also... sometimes..... TV. XD

11.) Why do you edit!? Can't you draw? You're cheap!

Isn't that more of a put down than a question? o_O;; Answer is that yes I can draw and I don't edit but for fun now. However, for the longest time, I never found my artwork to be good enough. But people kept telling me it was so... I kept going. I took a break years ago from drawing because I got sick of it. I didn't want to do it anymore. That setback just made it harder to get back to where I was before. But I'm glad I started drawing again. It took me about three years of practicing Image Editing when I first started on the computer to be able to do what I do now... and if I hadn't done what I did all that time... I couldn't begin to color my scanned drawings on the computer. Because I learned what it takes to make images look good by editing other images to make them look like my characters, I've applied that to my CG-ing skills that I'm trying to polish up. I'm feeling better about getting away from editing images as heavily as I once did.

I began to do dolls of my characters nearly two years ago now (2007) and with continual practice, I've been able to both flat colors and shading on dolls. I still enjoy dolling and it has helped me quite a bit in Illustrator and school projects.

I did go into all of this in a reply/rebuttal against what was said a long time ago...

12.) Are you insane?

I can't go one day without someone asking me this now can I? ^_^;; Apparently I can't make a site without being asked that either... XD hehehe... Anyway, I once more have to plead the 5th on that... On the grounds that no matter what I say... you'd find a way to make my answer mean "yes". ~_^

13.) What happened between you and Sun?

I'd rather not discuss half of what went on personally. A lot of the final decision was based on a loss of trust and a feeling of betrayal that sprang from an incident in real life. The final straw was an argument over what's "Too Far" for the fics. I'd agreed to write with him again. I voiced my concern that this was too much and just not... appropriate... for this site. We've already pushed the envelope with so many fictions that we DO have here and that ARE written. I know I feel and sound like a Network Censor, but it was a matter of personal taste. I'd prefer not to write about something like that... at least not the way it was handled.

I've also told him numerous times. I don't really want to write these anymore. No, I don't mean "I don't want to write anymore!" I mean just this track has gotten so confusing as to what we're doing, where we're going, who we're writing with/about... and why... I can't follow anymore. And quite frankly, it's a little of my lost interest. Think about it... if one of the authors can't even follow the storyline anymore, what are the chances you as a reader can? O_o; Honestly, I'm amazed at half of the Timeline's Screwy-ness being followed in S!

This is what led into the Knights Storyline. It takes place after Sailor Stars and gives us a whole new Timeline we can work with rather than trying to follow the series timeline as well as trying to keep up with what we have and have not written.

14.) Are there really more stories after Sailor S?

Having gone through three different computers since the last time I had any of them together the files for Family have since been lost completely. I can no longer find the CDs/DVDs with any of the old files on them. I can't even find the Title Listing I had once made. I had tried to make it a guarantee that there were at least three copies of the story files so that I wouldn't lose them, but Fate was against me keeping them. Maybe it's for the best, though... Half of them were unfinished and half of the rest were hacked together ideas or things that skewed so far from the timeline I couldn't figure it out at all. I also lost some if not all of the Knights fictios and bios I had done. I'm going to have to start over from scratch... this is why there'll be a completely new storyline in a little... Things that happened in the past are just that. Past. They won't really hae much relevance to what will happen...

Yes, and I am TRYING to get them together and organized. There are quite a few that are incomplete, but I'll have to let that go. There weren't too many in Super Sailor S that were written.

You must understand I have to refigure a Timeline for Family before I could possibly post. At the moment? It's almost Christmas and my mind is hardly on Timelines for stories that I've semi-lost interest in writing.

15.) Are you going to write a 'Final Fic'?

Final Fiction is completed. It's in the Library.

I'm in the process of finishing one started a while back. Originally? Robyn was going to leave to find out things she needed to... but had to do that alone. Now she's going to be leaving permanently, separating from Sun and the others. Part 5 was lost when my old Hard Drive gave up the ghost. When Mike tried to recover the data from it, the drive had a minor incident that destroyed it physically. More than the fictions were lost, but among the innumerable files that were on it, the final un-uploaded piece of the fiction was in the fallout...

16.) But don't you want to know how Sun's doing it? O_o;

No. I don't care, so long as he's not killing Shadow off. He should know I wouldn't do that, and I won't be killing Sun off either. The two are going to go their separate ways and that's that, guys.

17.) What's the new Season you have in the Library? o_o;?

A Season of SM that got joked about, then created with another friend. Honestly, I haven't written much there either. Again... the Holidays aren't helping that. It involves the Knights. The "Unknown Knights". And once more, I guess we're asking you to believe a "what if" situation. But there are many of those, ne?

18.) Can't you write anything else?

I write poetry that's been published. I write Digimon fics and such. I write fics for the RPG I'm in to tell stories about the characters more in depth, or for their backgrounds. I also 'script' out Music Videos to a song I might like the lyrics for on that board.

Isn't that a "Song Fic"? O_o;
Nuuu.... to me, a Song Fic is just writing a story around lyrics to a song. A scripted Music Video is details on scenes and possibly if not usually, the characters singing the lyrics themselves. Also called Karaoke... and usually that's when there's nothing but the characters singing the lyrics and generally being goofballs. ~_^;

19.) Speaking of Music Videos, are you ever gonna make more AMVs?
Yes, and now that I have access to Video Editing software due to school, I may remake some of my older ideas, but I have had some Video classes and feel a little more confident in my skills. Time shall tell...
20.) Oh my God are you behind on *insert something stupid and that I'm behind on here*.

(Updated March of '09) I'm a Lazy Person in general. For the most part, however, I have other things that I maintain now besides Digital Eclipse: I have a job that I go to on a regular basis, I'm currently engaged, and... well, since I've gone to college for art and design, I wind up taking a bit longer on my personal projects because I want it to look pleasing as well as function the way it should. Usually it's the function that I have more personal issues with than how it looks. XD; I am trying to update and redo the site, but that's wound up with me pushing writing aside. I really shouldn't. I like writing. I have lots of ideas. I just really need to get them written up/down... This is also a hobby site, I don't get paid to do this. So, while I apologize for the delays and slowness, I do hope that when and if you notice something different or new... you enjoy it and check back once in a while to see if I've played with anything else out of inspiration or boredom. ^_~

21.) Why is it that all this time, Sailor Sun plastered his site with linkage to your site... but you barely... if anywhere... had links to his?
"And the Question of 2002 shines strikes again."
I'll tell you why. A certain incident back in the beginning of 2002 that spawned the steady decline of our friendship had also sparked a heated argument that led to the threat of separating our characters way back then. I had links to SailorSun.Com a lot more on the site before then. After that incident... I was truly hesitant to put more on. I had redesigned SE so that if I had to remove Sun completely, it wouldn't require a complete overhaul. Why? Because it wouldn't be worth the effort and work just to remove someone from here. So I did it when I was going to redesign the site anyway. Well... that was the first time that year that I'd done that. I was on my third or fourth overhaul/redesign just in 2002 alone. I prepared for this back then when I lost my faith and trust in Sun as a friend. I knew this would come. I honestly expected it a bit sooner than October/November of that year, though...
Ok, HE has, I counted, FOUR links to my site... from his... (as of 2005)
I have his link on my links page, and recently, I had linked the Sailor Sun and Sailor Sun of the Moon Kingdom Fiction Seasons to his site, and not here.
If you want to count those separately that's 3. If not, that's 2.
I once held banners I'd made for linking to his site, but I have since removed them.

As of March, 2009? I'd like to add that there are, ironically, now a crapload of links to his site. It's mostly a washing of the hands in general at this time, however, as I have nothing to do with Sun aside from the fact that his characters are in the old stories on this website. Finally, I am NOT blowing his request out of proportion, I wrote and kept the Legal Page the way it was to make sure it was correctly done, there was no malice or ulterior motive for using his real name on this site. From here on out, however, all mentions of him that should be his real name or may be confusing as to whether I mean the character or the creator, will link to his site. I'm not getting into the middle of this again, so I'm directing all references and questions about his characters and writings to him. I'll deal with what's mine, he can deal with what's his.

"I don't think you understand what it's like to get lost in yourself... To worry that you're not who you thought you were for all this time. When the question is no longer 'where' or even 'why'... but 'who'...?"
-Robyn Markius

"Shadow's Good-Bye/Final Fiction"
*22.) "Did you know what Sun says?",  "What do you say?", "Your opinions on ____?", "What the hell happened to 'Solar Eclipse?' T_T!"
For the answers to these and a few more recent fun issues (note sarcasm, please), I'd like you to see my.... Eh.... I can only call it a rant... but it's kind of a... Hn... "essay"?

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