Why Should I Donate to Lunar Eclipse?

Every good site needs money to keep going. Many sites will put up ads to keep money coming in, but many people dislike any kind of ads on a site that they like to visit. In order to continue to run an ad-free site, those who run the site need to pay for the host or server they are using.

Here we are.

Expenses are getting harder and harder to cover. I am planning to move out with Graham by the end of the year and I have more and more finances that are now my own to cover. You may not think that $10 a month is too hard to cover, but I reply to that comment with the question: "If it's not that much to cover, then why don't you cover it for one month?" So there you have it. If you don't think $10 is a lot, then why don't you spend that much for one month here? I've been trying to think of ways that will make it worth you returning and spending even a buck on this place, but so far all I have is the Oekaki Board and... apparently fun Guestbook Dramas...

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